Therapy Treatment Room

Genesis House, 212 Ingram Road, Bloxwich, WS3 3AD

All therapies at my treatment room are priced as £27 per half hour, £38 per one hour and £56 per 90minutes.

Healing: Choose from Reiki, Crystal Healing, Elemental Healing, Chakra Balancing or Magnetic Healing, Quan Yin Healing.  (Half hour appointment £27)        (1 hour appointment £38) None invasive relaxing therapy, suitable for all. 

Rejuvenating facial therapy: using organic products. Also known as 'Natures Face lift', working on the acupressure points of the face to lift and rejuvenate the skin. 1 Hour appointment £38

Spring into Summer facial: Hydrating facial, using luxurious organic products, Basic facial £27 (half an hour) or Luxury 1 hour treatment £38.

Frankincense intense organic facial: For Age Defying Beauty, Basic (half hour) facial £27 or Luxury 1 hour treatment £38

Detox facial: with purifying palmarosa, Basic £27, deep cleansing £38.

Soothing facial: with starflower and white tea, Basic £27 or luxury £38.

Hopi Ear candling: said to have been used since ancient times, a hollow waxed tube made from organic and natural materials and ingredients, is placed into the ear. The protruding end is then light, allowing a warm vacuum to be created, helping to cleanse the ear. This is followed by a light facial to help the lymphatic system to detox the face. (half hour) Basic £27 or deluxe £38.

Reflexology: Choose either Hand or Foot treatment. Hand Reflexology with arm massage (half hour) £27, Foot Reflexology (30 minutes) £27 or 1 hour with leg massage included £38.

Fertility Reflexology: Working on the acupressure points of the feet, improves relaxation and allows the body to rebalance and to aid natural fertility. Fertility Reflexology, may help with hormonal rebalancing, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, and low sperm count. 60 minutes £38, 90 minutes £56. Pre-pay 7 one hour fertility reflexology sessions £220.(saving £46)

Pregnancy Reflexology: Prenatal, Postnatal, Postpartum reflexology. 60 minutes £38, 90 minutes £56.

Pregnancy Massage: 1 hour prenatal massage, help relieve any tension and stress during this special time. £38, using especially formulated organic massage oil to nourish prenatal skin.

Spa therapy: A luxury treatment, choose from seaweed scrub or frankincense and mandarin scrub, with a relaxing aromatic massage to follow, Back and shoulder treatment (1 hour appointment £38) or Full body treatment (90 minutes £56)

Swedish Massage; Back and shoulder massage (half hour) £27 Full body massage (1 hour) £38 (add an aromatherapy blend to your oil for just £5 pre-booking essential)

Deep Tissue MassageFor those that require deeper, remedial work during a massage. Half hour massage £27, One hour massage appointment £38.

Lymphatic Massage Therapy: this is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. Lymphatic drainage massage can have a beneficial effect on your general health, because lymph is key to keeping your immune system working properly. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is used in the treatment of lymphoedema. If you have had surgery in or near your lymph nodes, your surgeon may recommend lymphatic massage to aid recovery. 60 minutes: £38, 90 minutes: £56.

Aromatherapy Massage; After a consultation we can select essential oils to meet your needs, relaxation, de-stress, women's balance, beauty sleep, depression, detox, aches and pains, these we add to the oils and lotions and use them in a Swedish Massage.

Warm Candle Massage: Back and shoulder massage (half hour) £27, Full body massage £38. Luxury warmed shea butter oil with healing oils blended into the candle, poured over the skin with a relaxing massage, great for aches and pains or just relaxation to aid sleep.

Hot Stone massage therapy: your choice of oil or lotion is first massaged into your skin, then hot stones are placed over your body and used to massage the luxurious oils into the skin, great way to relax and unwind. Choose from 1 hour session - back and shoulder £38 or 90 minute 1 hour treatment £56.

Sports and remedial massage: Body and postural assessment, sports injuries, repetitive strain injury, 1 hour appointment £38.

Waxing: One hour treatment includes: Full leg wax and bikini wax or half leg and arms including under arm £38, half hour wax: half leg and face/lips/chin/eyebrow shape or half leg and under arms and brow tidy £27, half leg £14, under arm or bikini wax £12, chin wax , lips or brow shape or side of face £8. This therapy is Ladies only. 

Eye lash tinting £10, Eye brow tinting £8, or both together for £16. Or add them into the 'Mix n match' offer, for a one hour appointment £38.

Special offer: Loyalty card scheme for all therapies: collect the card on your first appointment, with the first box filled in, then continue to collect points on each visit. When the card is full, you choose your prize. Prizes are gift wrapped and are worth between £15-£45. Which one will you win?

Cancellation policy: I appreciate that we are all human, and sometimes life gets in the way, if you must cancel an appointment, please try to allow at least 24 hours notice, so we can re-book you to another slot. Any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice is subject to a charge. 12-24 hours half the cost of the consultation, and 12 hours or less notice given, the full price of the consultation is charged. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Mobile Therapies


Currently due to lockdown restrictions that are being lifted slowly, my office in Bloxwich is open for therapies, my mobile therapy services are remaining closed, until a little later, due to entering peoples homes and cross contamination of equipment, this is to keep my clients safe. Hope to see you all soon.

I am a qualified holistic therapist based in Burntwood, Staffordshire. I offer one to one or group bookings, either in the comfort of your own home or work. Great for gatherings, hen parties, mental health workshops, wellness in the workplace, staff incentives, group homes, birthday gatherings, group booking prices start from £16per person for mini treatments with a minimum of 6 therapies. Ask about earning free gifts and treatments by hosting a group event. Choose from mini treatments, half hour treatments or one hour treatments.

I also have a treatment room in Genesis House, 212 Ingram Road, Bloxwich, WS3 3AD. Please see below for mobile prices and special offers. Mobile prices are dependent on location. All mobile therapies need to be for a minimum of one hour duration.

Bookings are by appointment, please call me on 07729264034 for more information or to book.

Healing: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Elemental healing, Chakra Balance, Quan Yin or Magnetic Healing or allow me to choose to blend different healing therapies for your benefit.

Great way to relax, relieve stress. None invasive therapy, suitable for all:  £46 for an hour. 

Pregnancy Massage: One hour of prenatal massage, this can reduce stress hormones in your body and help you to feel relaxed and loosen your muscles. With regular massage, can help you cope with discomfort as well as relieve insomnia, neck and back pain, joint pain, leg cramping and sciatica. In addition, massages will encourage blood and lymph circulation, reducing stress on wight-bearing joints and help to relax nervous tension. Pregnancy massage may be carried out during the second trimester. Please call for more information and to book. £46 or why not book on a pregnancy massage workshop for couples/significant others to learn more about the benefits and techniques of massage £70 per workshop - see 'Events and Workshops' for dates and venues.

Baby & Toddler Massage: £46 per session or attend a 3 hour workshop £70 per couple; and learn more about how to massage your baby and the benefits. Touch and massage can really help a parent or caregiver to bond with their baby, along with several other types of benefits. Baby massage promotes both health and the feelings of security that all babies crave. By  adding this to your baby's daily routine, massage is said to improve physiological, cognitive, emotional and mental development and increase alertness and attentiveness. - see 'Events and Workshops' for dates and venues of workshop. 

Spa therapy: One hour spa therapy, full body exfoliation and massage with organic products. £46. (one hour session) Choose from seaweed scrub or relaxing frankincense and mandarin. 

Rejuvenate facial therapy: Deluxe facial £46, treatment including Neal's Yard Organic Remedies. Also known as 'natures face lift'. Working on the acupressure points around the face and neck, to allow natural healing and release toxins to improve the skins appearance and function. 

Relaxing Facial: With complimentary products used in the treatment to take home with you to continue with fabulous skin. Choose which Neal's Yard Organic Remedy, Age defying, Normal, Oily and combination. Free skin assessment with every consultation. £46.  

Neal's Yard Remedies Organics Signature Facial: 

Rejuvenating Frankincense Face & Neck Treatment

Rejuvenating facial uses award-winning anti-ageing 

treatments to intensely nourish, firm and tone the skin, smoothing

and reducing the appearance of crepey skin and fine lines.

£46 for 60 minutes / £68 for 90 minutes

Pure Radiance Wild Rose Facial

This will leave all skin types feeling intensely nourished and enriched, 

with a firming massage and Wild Rose Beauty Elixir - infused with 

repairing rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid, for radiant, smooth skin. 

£46 for 60 minutes / £68  for 90 minutes 

Spring into Summer Facial

Infused with potent natural antioxidants, this treatment instantly 

revitalizes youthful skin, protecting against damaging free radicals 

and boosting skin’s natural radiance. 

£46 for 60 minutes / £68 for 90 minute

Swedish Therapeutic Massage: Back and shoulder treatment (session lasts approx. 30 mins) £32. Full body massage (session lasts approx. 1 hour) £46. (90 minutes includes hand and foot reflexology) £68.

Therapeutic massage: choose from: Detox massage, relaxing massage, beauty sleep massage or aromatherapy massage. 

Luxury Warm Candle Massage: Back and shoulder treatment.  Full body massage (session last approx. 1 hour) £52 

Hot Stone Massage: Back and Shoulder treatment (session lasts approx. 45 mins) £46 or Full body massage (session last approx. an hour and a half) £68, additional fees may apply on mobile hot stone massage, allowing time for stones to heat before use or book after other therapies in group settings.

Sports and remedial massage: Body and postural assessments, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, 1 hour appointment, £46.

Deep tissue massage: For those requiring a deeper massage. 1 hour £46.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy: Helps with lymphatic drainage, removes toxins and build up of fluids within the body. May be recommended by Doctor post surgery, or in cases of lymphoedema. 60 minutes; £46, 90 minutes £68.

Hopi Ear Candling: Treatment lasts about 45 minutes and includes lymphatic facial massage. Cost: £46 

Reflexology: Reflexology is a non-intrusive therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different parts of the body. 1 hour with leg massage £46. 

Aromatherapy:  is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from these "essential" oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function. 

*Not sure what treatment to choose, pick one and add a second taster treatment for an additional £16. 

Reiki attunement: Enjoy the energy of reiki. Attunement available for levels 1 for self healing, 2 Healing of others and Level 3 Reiki Master. By appointment. Learn in a group or as an individual, lots of dates available. 07729264034.