Magnetix Wellness

Harnessing the Power of Nature

The power of wellness from magnets everyday. Beautiful jewellery with a difference, each piece contains powerful magnets for your health. The force of the magnets affects all life. No wonder, since our Earth is itself a giant magnet. Natural magnetic routes are used by birds of passage, for instance, and by whales, to orientate themselves. 

So there are wonderful forces of nature that give our magnetic jewellery its special energy.

Magnetix Wellness Skincare: Tourmaline. Fabulous natural skincare with added crystals for energy re-balancing as well as skin nourishment. 

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Love the jewellery or need to know more about the skincare? Book a party or event and receive 10% from sales to spend on your own magnetix products as well as a free facial or magnetix chakra rebalanceing session for you or a friend. Magnetix is great for the whole family, including your pets.Harnessing the Power of Nature